Arming the Saints Ministries
Teaching the Truth and Love of God

About Us

Arming the Saints Ministries was founded by Denise and Tim to train and equip the body of Christ with the Truth of the word of God.

Denise and Tim have devoted a considerable amount of time learning how to walk in the Truth of what God promises for His children, including how to better connect with God spiritually. This connection to God seems to be what the body of Christ is missing or perhaps only partially understanding.  

Many churches are not teaching us how to see God at work, how to walk in the Spirit, or even why we Christians believe what we believe. There is a spiritual complacency and illiteracy overtaking the body that is resulting in unnecessary spiritual division, lack of forgiveness, improper teaching, and rampant satanic attack. The answer is simple although not always easy. Christ is the way. He defeated Satan at the cross and we do not need to live under the oppression and lies of the enemy.

How do we accomplish this? By knowing who we are in the Kingdom of God, understanding our rights as kingdom citizens, and possessing the proper information and tools to help us operate in both the natural and the supernatural realms. This is the training offered by Arming the Saints Ministries! Denise typically focuses on the "walking in the Spirit" and charismatic/spiritual gifts part of things, while Tim balances this with an in-depth knowledge of Christian apologetics and philosophy of religion. It is truly a potent mix. 

Tim (also known as Timothy Crane, the piano player) includes a ministry of instrumental piano music through his six albums that have been played on radio stations in America and around the world. 

Denise and Tim are ready, willing, and available to provide this information through any means and forum that may be helpful to you.